Virtual Reality Installation

WAH London

When WAH London approached DVTK, one clear challenge presented itself: the extensive choice of nail designs on the menu and not enough tools for the customers to make up their mind.To solve the problem DVTK created a VR Nail Customiser app that lives in-store and is an integral part of the brand’s new retail strategy.

By placing their hands in front of the headset, a 3D camera tracks the customer’s hands to match their movements within the app in real time. After selecting their skin tone, customer plays around with the design and colours until they feel satisfied with their choice. The WAH team then goes to work to realise their nail art design in real life.

Virtual reality is an amazing way for us to “gamify” the experience of getting your nails done in a visual language that our Gen-Z customers understand.

Sharmadean Reid, Founder of Wah London

The future’s nailed: virtual manicures become a reality for Londoners.

The Evening Standard