Global Campaign

Uniqlo 360

Uniqlo asked us to create its first,, unified 360 worldwide Holiday campaign that zeros in on products, and translate it into multi-channels. 

Our Response: 

Impact globally through one simple idea by

taking mundane acts of fold/unfold, wrap/unwrap associated with Holiday. Add a right dose of kawaii/kowaii.

The Result:

Stop-motion-choreographed “army” of products in 80-step folding actions powered to original music composed by an ex-Stereophonic. Unified, globally-implementable key visuals. Coverage in international medias including WWD. Garnered prestigious D&AD design award.

We provided Creative Direction, Art Direction and Design for multichannel impact and brand experience, encompassing print, OOH, cinema spots, digital billboards, online, in-store activations, digital facades, and immersive art installations in 6 global flagships.