Visual Art

Routine Routine, 2011 – 2015

This Tumblr-only gallery contains 150 digital artworks in total. All digital artworks were conceived especially to be posted and shared on the Tumblr platform, making it both a conceptual gesture and a different yet contemporary take on curating visual material.

“The main purpose was that I would be injecting my work directly into the stream of visual culture, without context or much framework. In that sense, the images would speak for themselves and would have to find their way into the digital world purely on their own merits. Some would survive, others wouldn’t.”

In retrospect, the Routine Routine page can be regarded as a showcase for De Potter’s style and idiosyncratic approach at the time. Appropriated, often heavily reworked visual material paired and morphed with his own poetry and texts, his own photography distorted or combined with quotes, torn and ripped photographs overlaid with graphic design, text pieces, montages and collages, images turning into objects, self-portraiture and gifs: as a whole, the Routine project is a vast exhibition infinitely installed in the digital realm.