Visual Art

Raf Simons, 2001 – 2010

Peter collaborated with Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons for almost a decade designing artwork as well as consulting, devising brand identity and assisting on concepts and events.

In 2001 Raf Simons invited Peter to provide his collection with words, slogans, images and symbols to enhance and complete his designs. Granted complete artistic freedom, Peter created a series of artworks and text pieces that were used as prints on t-shirts, hoodies and shirts or transformed into jewellery, belts and pendulum mobiles.

The outcome of this collection (‘Woe onto those who spit on the fear generation…the wind will blow it back’ – Spring/Summer 2002) proved so rewarding for both parties that Raf invited Peter to work permanently on the following collections and extracurricular events.

Sharing a deep love for youth culture, strong messages and radical gestures, Peter provided Raf’s collections with visuals, collages, texts and poetry high on counterculture references, pop culture iconography and quotes from underground literature and cinema.

Peter’s involvement also included consulting on the larger concepts of both the collections and their presentations (runway shows, invitations, soundtrack) and brand identity (general concept, strategy, advertising and logos).

From Spring/Summer 2006 Peter also worked on the second line ‘Raf by Raf Simons’ for prints and visual presentations.