A series of films & live stream installation

Somerset House, Perfume

A collection of visceral short films for Perfume – a multi-sensory exhibition featuring ten pioneering perfumers changing the way perfume is understood and perceived.

The shorts celebrate the purity of raw materials and capture the artistry and unique inspirations behind each signature scent. Specialised cameras were used to capture a hyperreal 4k cinematic aesthetic which presents the visual flavours and essence of each radical scent in a unified style.

“It’s no longer enough for us simply to smell sophisticated, sexy or alluring. We want to be taken to new places or challenged.”

Claire Catterall, co-curator of Perfume

Geza SchoenMolecule One. Mesmerising molecules dance across an empty canvas

Mark BuxtonComme Des Garçons 2. Submerge inside a pool of thick black ink and metallic oil

“This summer’s must-see exhibition”

ES Magazine

Antoine LieSécrétions Magnifiques. A bubbling climax of excitable matter

Olivia GiacobettiEn Passant. Fresh explosions of floral colour bleeds together

Daniela AndrierPurple Rain, Prada. An enthralling assembly of blooming purple droplets

Davis S. MoltzEl Cosmico. Created for a trailer and teepee campsite in Marfa, in the remote high desert of West Texas.

Andy TauerL’Air du Désert Marocain. A glowing and spirited sequence of light and heat

Lyn HarrisCharcoal. Panning across a hot, barren charcoal landscape.

Bertrand DuchaufourIncense: Avignon

Killian WellsDark Ride

Broadcasting a new vocabulary for Perfume, 24/7

International Magic additionally created a pop-up, live stream installation, allowing online visitors a window into the exhibition; the stream was broadcast 24/7 for 3 months via perfume.digital and well received on Facebook live.


As an art piece in itself, it captures the infectious mood of each scent through the creative use of lighting, textures, materials and sound. Each week showed different raw, sensory environments which submerge the online viewer in the essence of each perfume.

Liberty London displayed large scale posters in their storefront to raise awareness of the exhibition.

Exhibition Foreward by Brian Eno