Virtual Art Gallery

KENZO Grace to the Nth Power

DVTK was commissioned by Kenzo to design a digital experience and highlight the ‘mysterioso’ collection in collaboration with David Lynch.

In line with Lynch’s aim to ‘get a different feel for a runway show, having mystery and emotion swimming together’, DVTK designed the website as a unique digital world, tailored to the collection – a virtual 3D exhibition space immersing visitors into this mysterious atmosphere

The project has received digital awards and appraisal from international publications such as T Magazine032CFWA or It’s Nice That.

Using their mobile phone as a remote or their keyboard, users navigate through the gallery and interact with the displays to discover the collection’s videos.

The new Kenzo Fall 2014 online experience is uncanny, a mystery that turns theft into ownership, heist into art, and power into amusement

– 032C