Brand Partner


For five consecutive years, MI&C has brought to life H&M’s mission to democratize fashion by maximizing digital innovation to challenge the elusive live fashion show and transform their iconic designer collaborations into exclusive digital experiences customers could truly only access from their devices.

With its action movie-caliber stunts, Alexander Wang’s live-streamed fashion show was one of the first to stream over digital out of home properties and was shortlisted for a Webby.

Kenzo’s facial mapping lens was Snapchat’s largest global activation at the time, beating engagement projections by 600%. From Wang to Erdem, real-time content was created at each runway show and then spread across H&M’s multiple platforms in ways unique to each channel.

Each year, we continue to collaborate directly with our social partners to push the boundaries of their capabilities for H&M and bring premium, real-time content to record-breaking audiences across the globe.