Visual Art

Fred Perry x Jamie Reid

To celebrate the launch of the Jamie Reid Blank Canvas Collection, Peter De Potter was commissioned by British brand Fred Perry to create a visual campaign and a store presentation.

De Potter turned the assignment into a project called ‘Jamie Re-imagined’ and created a series of concept videos, gifs and posters, radically reworking fragments from the private videos and elements from the archive artworks of the seminal British artist Jamie Reid.

By adding his own collages, photographs and films of contemporary youth, Peter paid tribute to the revolutionary spirit of Jamie Reid in a singular and personal way.

The project consisted of 2 compilation videos and 6 separate gifs, the latter being incorporated into a video installation premiered in Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market New York and Dover Street Market Ginza.

The installation also featured sculptural metal cut-outs of portraits taken by Peter. A special-edition poster designed by Peter was given away during the opening and exhibition.