A collaboration with Georgios Dimitrakopoulos

CREAID, Lighting Exhibition

Created for CREAID Designers’ Lights project 2016, this unique, Suprematist-like, sculptural table light was designed as a conceptual tribute to Yatzer’s four distinct areas of interest – Travel, Architecture, Design and Art.

Using an elemental geometric language of four primary shapes, each corresponding to a distinct material, and the latest LED lighting technology, the luminaire is crafted to the highest standards and consists of a circular piece of black marble representing the globe, a wooden triangle that brings to mind a drafting tool, and a ceramic square alluding to a designer’s canvas or blueprint.

Uniting those three pieces is an illuminated plexiglass tube that seamlessly pierces right through them – a straight line being the starting point of any artistic endeavour. The harmonious co- existence of the four elements not only speaks of Yatzer’s tight-knit content and the beauty of a well-rounded life but also of how those four disciplines inform one another.