Immersive Interactive Experience


We were commissioned by SPYSCAPE museum to provide Concept, Creative Direction and Design of Physical Exhibition and Immersive Media in the museum’s a 900 sq.m gallery in the David-Adjaye-designed NYC museum. We were asked to create an industry-defining, instagrammable, new interactive entertainment experience for the museum’s collaboration with Warner Bros, using Batman IP.

BATMAN x SPYSCAPE is a new museum experience model that combines story-led experience, gamification, and physical space to gives agency to the public. They enter a story world and embark on a mission-focused adventure in an media-driven, contemporary, hyperreal physical experiences we designed, that seamlessly interact with a cutting edge real-time app produced by the SPYSCAPE team.  

To reimagine the HQ of a high-tech underworld organization, we drew inspiration from contemporary art and theater, and their approach to light, sound, media, and sculptural elements. These mediums were choreographed to heighten the visitors’ emotions as they journey through the public and the dystopic private face of Leviathan and its inner workings.

We created icons such as typographic maze of cult messages, reception modeled after corporate art galleries, techno-ashram testimonial videos of talking heads, sculpture made from surveillance mirrors that murmur disturbing coaxings.