Augmented Reality

Alexander McQueen- Virtual McQueen

To coincide with the V&A’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition Holition has collaborated with Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion on Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up, the first ever exhibition to explore McQueen’s catwalk make-up.

At the entrance space of the Fashion Space Gallery visitors are greeted with Holition’s spectacular ‘Face Illusion’ which uses projection mapping to slowly layer the makeup and then re-imagines the moment when water pours down causing the models’ makeup to run which then morphs into looks from McQueen’s ‘What A Merry Go Round’ (A/W 2001) show. Holition has also created three virtual looks using its new ‘Face by Holition’ technology so that visitors can experience some of the genius behind McQueen’s catwalk shows. When looking at the wall-mounted iPads Holition’s accurate face-tracking technology ‘sees’ and locates the features on a face and is intuitive enough to discern between the skin of the lips, eyes, and other facial contours. Holition also took part in V&A’s critically acclaimed exhibition: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty with its unveiling of ‘Virtual McQueen’ at the V&A’s Friday Late Spectacle of the Species Event. Inspired by McQueen’s S/S 2008 ‘La Dame Bleue’ Holition created a virtual look where hundreds of visitors tried-on a virtual feathered mask in real-time using an iPad.