Creative Direction

Acne Paper, Issue 14


Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director 2004 – 2014

Founded in 2004 by Acne Studios Creative Director Jonny Johansson and CEO Mikael Schiller, Acne Paper is the brainchild of Thomas Persson who served as its Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director from the magazine’s inception in 2004 to its closure in 2014. Thematically produced, each issue is dedicated to a timeless theme as relevant today as it was in historical times, allowing the editorial content to roam through the centuries. Exquisitely designed and with an impressive roster of contributors Acne Paper transcended brand magazines and rose the bar of what a style and culture magazine could be. During its ten year lifespan Acne Paper became a highly acclaimed title on a global scale and is recognized as a game-changer in brand communication. Today Acne Paper’s 15 issues are all collector’s items.