Kinetic Light Art Installation

Apologue, 2017

2047 Apologue is a concept performance directed by Zhang Yimou, and produced by WHITEvoid.

A gigantic kinetic light art installation “Weaving Machine“ created for an epic 2017 APOLOGUE stage performance


The video is a teaser for the final part of the show Weaving Machine; one of eight acts that combine traditional Chinese craft, music, and dance with modern technology. The combination of ancient and modern technology aims to comment on how modern technology has taken over life in the 21st century. 

For this particular segment, Zhang places an ancient Chinese weaving machine on stage with 640 kinetic LED spheres designed and produced by WHITEvoid.

Moving together in an elegant wave, the lights interact with a dancer performing underneath. Throughout the segment the lights change both pattern and color, as a soundtrack matches their increasing energy and movement