Virtual world design

Sébastien Léon

Sébastien Léon’s work brings to life ethereal physical and digital environments that are at once tangible, familiar, and yet unmistakably abstract.

Whether virtual or real, Léon’s slick multi-channel musical sculptures generate cinematic soundtracks, composed of field recordings mixed with instrumental loops, and sequenced in algorithmic formulas. His experiential soundscapes loop to eternity, triggering in its listeners a hypnotic sense of place, and seeking to echo the sacred connection between man and the Earth.

His furniture, typically relying on tubular metallic structures, is strongly influenced by his immediate environment. His decade in New York translates into a collection inspired by the world of construction sites, and his move to California morphs into designs drawn from insects and rock formations.

All forms of Léon’s work are available in digital format, and will be released as NFTs, available to enhance all digital galleries, homes and stores in the Metaverse.