Web3 Culture + Community Strategist

Izadora Yamamoto

Izadora Yamamoto brings her multidisciplinary expertise within Web 3, NFTs and Design into MA+ as Strategic Web 3 Community Manager.

Born and raised in Japan, Izadora later lived and worked in Tokyo, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and is currently living with her family in Amsterdam.

Having found herself immersed in the fashion and streetwear scenes of Tokyo, São Paulo, New York, and Los Angeles, she now utilizes her knowledge to bring a creative alternative to traditional communication coupled with a unique cultural sensitivity. Injecting authentic energy into communities is her specialty, having been exposed and gathering knowledge for over 20+ years in both Web 2 and now Web 3 communities.

Izadora has worked with companies such as A Bathing Ape, Staple Design, Zoo Magazine, Disney and Supreme.

She maneuvers through different mediums using her passion for poetry to communicate across markets both analog and digitally.