Digital Art Directors, Artists and Experience Designers


DVTK is a creative duo specializing in digital art direction and interactive storytelling.

Formed by Kim Boutin and David Broner, DVTK helps visionary brands like Kenzo or Fiorucci telling immersive stories through creating virtual worlds fit for tomorrow’s audience.

DVTK’s unique approach has received attention from the design and fashion community, leading to lectures and workshops with institutions such as Tate Britain, Somerset House, IAM, Decoded Fashion or London Design Festival and teaching at London College of Fashion and Gobelins School of Image in Paris.

Their work has been featured in I-D magazine, Dazed, T-magazine, Creators Project, LSN Global, 032c and It’s Nice that. Some of their works appear in design books such as Viewpoint Feature, Interactive Design and Computer Arts while their projects have won Awwwards, FWAs and Vimeo Staff Picks.

Always pushing forward to create unique interfaces, DVTK never limit themselves with creative brakes such as guidelines and design templates. As children of the Internet, they bring cultural references in their design to play and connect with user’s collective consciousness.

“While our daily life is more and more digital, online browsing is made of an indisputable uniformity. Fostered by a need for a clear, unique and sale-driven user journey, art direction online has gradually been replaced by user experience design, templates and guidelines. We should question why two apparel brands have the exact same website and user journey, while they don’t share anything else than the fact that they both sell clothes.

In architecture and product design, utopian and radical artistic visions have led to a massive explosion of variety in shapes, functions and materials. As a result, our environment is highly diverse.

Looking back at Cinema in the late 50’s, film’s spectators started to have a greater understanding of narratives’ patterns. Directors immediately took this opportunity to toy around using all the tools given to them: storytelling, acting, camera, photography, lights, musics and sound design.

Given the increasing tech-savviness of today’s audience, there is now a room for new paradigms, new ideas and experimentations: reinventing the idea of online navigation, creating digital identities for brands, enriching digital art direction bringing external references and using innovative design tools. As a result, working towards a greater level of diversity online and across all digital touchpoints of our daily lives.“

– Kim & David