Creative Director

Atelier Franck Durand

Since its creation in 2004, Atelier Franck Durand has nurtured a holistic approach to artistic direction. Brand positioning, visual identity, strategy and content development: from consulting to creation, the Atelier manages every stage of development in brand experience. The areas of expertise are many: photography, video, digital, shows, architecture.

Every client that Atelier Franck Durand partners with across luxury, fashion, hotels, jewellery and beauty shares the same standards and taste for imagination. The artistic practice of the Atelier expands beyond these collaborations, through editorial projects that have built its reputation internationally.

An iconic magazine launched in 1946 in the USA before disappearing in 1977, Holiday has revived its original spirit since under Franck Durand’s creative direction. Every season, the magazine offers a unique look at a new location around the world. Franck Durand is also the creative director of the new Harper’s Bazaar France.